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Depending on the processes you handle via AX4 you might require extended service hours. Simply contact us. Within the scope of service level agreements you can use extended service hours up to a 24-hour service.

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Appointment and Dock Management

Intelligent Just-in-Time Cargo Platform Appointment and Dock Management

Appointment and Dock Management

The ideal collaborative platform for airside and landside cargo handling: schedule, book, monitor, and check appointments in a highly dynamic, reactive, time-critical ecosystem. Appointment and Dock Management (ADM) is up and running in no time, harnessing the power of the AX4 logistics platform to significantly streamline cargo processes.

Cargo visibility 24/7

Chaos and congestion at freight warehouses and airport cargo terminals, cargo that clears customs too late for the scheduled flight: Avoiding these headaches means controlling and optimizing the cargo pickup and delivery process. Giving airside and landside cargo handlers and warehouse operators advance knowledge of which cargo will be delivered and received at what time yields many benefits:

  • Ensure compliance with airline SLAs
  • Reduce congestion and wait times at and around warehouses
  • Optimize cargo handling resources
  • Greatly enhance customer satisfaction

Monitoring unscheduled events such as late flights or delays in customs clearance makes it possible to further optimize the cargo handling process.

Proven technology

Top benefits of the solution:

  • Shorten loading times thanks to cargo prep and personnel planning
  • Optimize resource use and planning
  • Increase warehouse throughput
  • Shorten forwarder wait times
  • Reduce on-site congestion
  • Prioritize loading processes through appointment pre-booking
  • Reduce misrouted cargo through better prioritization
  • Accelerate service up to 200%

Right dock, right on time

A single solution for the collabora-tion among cargo handlers, forward-ers, airlines, and customs depart-ments. Combining flight schedules and up-to-the-minute air waybills makes it possible to pre-book ap-pointments for cargo delivery and pickup. ADM schedules appoint-ments based on resource availability, ensures compliance with business processes such as SLAs and handling times, reserves resources, creates transparency, and monitors business before and during operations.

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