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Inbound optimization

The challenge

The demands on logistical supply chains are increasingly complex, and this creates similarly complex requirements for the software used to plan, simulate, and optimize if cost-efficient operations are to be sustained over the long term. The current challenges in the automotive industry, for example, are easy to recognize:

  • High degree of vehicle customization to accommodate personal configuration options
  • Large number of parts and components to accommodate large number of options packages
  • Precisely timed deliveries to production line for assembly of components (just-in-sequence production)
  • Logistical challenges for manufacturers due to global supply chains
  • Longer, more complex logistics chains due to globalized production

As production becomes increasingly globalized, logistical supply chains grow longer and more complex as well. This brings together a motley group of stakeholders – suppliers, transport service providers, manufacturers – whose interests are not always perfectly aligned.

The challenge here is to see the big picture of all types of costs and find an optimal balance.

Inbound optimization

Our solution

The Supply Chain Suite lets you optimize the supply frequency in just a few steps.

A critical advantage over conventional solutions: You can simulate the flows in advance using your actual data. Discover the solution that’s just right for your business, incorporating your own individual preferences into the decision-making process from the very beginning. Looking to cut costs? Is service level your top priority? Do you have tight space restrictions to consider?

The Supply Chain Suite lets you map the entire process – from container allocation to process cost evaluation – and determine the frequency and transport channels that work best for you.

Inbound optimization

The results

Visibility of available and utilized capacity

Taking into account material, lead time, and service level

Detailed digital model of supply chain

Model of supply chain that includes capacities, dependencies, and restrictions – with parameters that let you adjust for a volatile market or dynamic demand

Optimization of overall system

Procurement, production supply, and stock levels are optimized based on real data and mathematical optimization procedures

Tactical support during evaluation and implementation

Evaluation and implementation of capable-to-promise or available-to-promise processes, with support for change from build-to-order to build-to-store and vice versa

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