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Depending on the processes you handle via AX4 you might require extended service hours. Simply contact us. Within the scope of service level agreements you can use extended service hours up to a 24-hour service.

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Logistikplatform AX4

Logistics Platform AX4

The cloud-based logistics platform AX4 is our way of helping you achieve digital integration – the fusion of the physical and virtual worlds – along your supply chain. AX4 is among the leading IT platforms for managing cross-enterprise supply chain processes, with some 300,000 users in businesses across the industrial, commercial, and logistics sectors.

AX4 unites all the various players and system environments, wherever they might be, into global supply chain networks. Its integrative potential streamlines processes and enables standardization across corporate, linguistic, and national borders: easy, fast & flexible.

IT solutions based on AX4 promote successful collaboration across industries and generate end-to-end visibility – ensuring greater efficiency in your logistical processes.

To offer you the ultimate in creative freedom and flexibility, we have developed an IT solution that is truly extraordinary: AX4 Open. This innovative toolbox lets you easily manage your own AX4 solution. It even lets you thoroughly customize your workflows and configure your own end-to-end solution – in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost. AX4 Open sets you free, giving you the power to configure processes online, design your own interfaces, and customize workflows to your own expectations – in real time.

Another added benefit: AX4 mobile. This mobile app not only gives you greater flexibility in controlling your AX4 logistics networks, it also yields a more secure and reliable supply chain. That’s because it lets you make urgent decisions even when the decision-maker is in a different location or time zone

The app gives users mobile access to previously defined features and workflows of AX4. What makes this unique: The app can be customized using AX4 Open, and changes become available in real time. This lets you benefit from new possible uses and extend existing workflows through your own custom configuration.


Benefits for shippers

Fewer manual tasks, less administrative overhead

Better supply chain performance thanks to more stable processes and greater transparency

Fewer special transports with their associated costs

Less in-house system maintenance, freeing up your internal IT resources

Quicker rollouts to new locations compared to on-premise installations

Significantly faster integration of new carriers compared to direct, one-by-one connections

More powerful consolidated data for higher-quality analyses and detailed documentation for calls for tenders

Benefits for logistics service providers

Less administrative overhead

Standardized processes for greater simplicity but with enough flexibility to adapt to customer needs

Rapid rollout thanks to web accounts for linking new customers

Independence from any one manufacturer with the ability to design your own solutions worldwide

Shorter project lead times and minimal external project costs

Powerful presentations with demo feature to quickly and professionally visualize new AX4 solutions

Higher customer satisfaction thanks to individualized, flexible IT systems

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