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Procurement & production logistics

Procurement & production logistics

The challenge

The goal is the cost-effective integration of everything – from the supplier network, production, and distribution to the customer interface – with shorter lead times and minimal invested capital. This requires creating a model to simulate and optimize the digital supply chain for the purposes of identifying conflicts and finding cost-optimized solutions. These solutions are then applied to the actual supply chain through control parameters.

What’s needed are plausible answers to recurring questions:

  • Which stock is already available in the warehouse, and where do I still have production capacity available?
  • Which supplier can provide additional material?
  • Which additional future orders can be covered amid the current utilization of production capacities?
  • Where can I store additional stock for short-notice requests?


Procurement & production logistics

Our solution

We use the Supply Chain Suite to simulate and visualize

  • Material requirements
  • Production restrictions
  • Storage capacity limits
  • Transport routes

We provide an overview of all dependencies and ensure optimal visibility.

The interrelationships are represented in the data model so that we can describe restrictions mathematically and apply optimization procedures to find the best solutions for your company and supply chain.

Procurement & production logistics

The results

Results of combining procurement and production logistics:

Visibility of available and utilized capacity

Taking into account material, lead time, and service level

Detailed digital model of supply chain

Model of supply chain that includes capacities, dependencies, and restrictions – with parameters that let you adjust for a volatile market or dynamic demand

Optimization of overall system

Procurement, production supply, and stock levels are optimized based on real data and mathematical optimization procedures

Tactical support during evaluation and implementation

Evaluation and implementation of capable-to-promise or available-to-promise processes, with support for change from build-to-order to build-to-store and vice versa

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