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Service Hours

Depending on the processes you handle via AX4 you might require extended service hours. Simply contact us. Within the scope of service level agreements you can use extended service hours up to a 24-hour service.

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+49 6233 45943 444


Are you close enough to your customers?

Clever solutions to the challenges of multichannel

Bewerten Sie durch Nachfrageanalysen basierend auf Ihren Realdaten und datengestützten Prognosen Ihre Standorte und benötigte Lagerkapazitäten. Setzten Sie What-If Analysen gezielt ein, um in einem dynamischen und volatilen Marktumfeld das künftige Marktpotential voll auszuschöpfen


Develop omnichannel concepts

Assess all the channels you use by cost and service

Establish data transparency, anticipate the future

Run simulations using your actual business data to optimize frequencies or channels – gaining plausible business forecasting through supply chain visibility

Implement lean logistics

Achieve multi-level smart network planning and inventory management through visibility, resulting in better availability of goods and higher customer satisfaction

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