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SCM software for your logistics goals

Our IT platforms are handling centers of the digital world. They provide the basis for data-driven business models. They combine all options to make logistics leaner, faster and more efficient.

With the logistics platform AX4 and the Supply Chain Suite (SCS) we operate two of the most important platforms for current and future supply chain management. They are an essential part of the software portfolio of Siemens Digital Logistics. With around 300,000 users, AX4 is one of the world's leading cloud solutions for collaboration and visibility in SCM networks. It makes it possible to integrate all partners and systems easily and flexibly into logistics processes and to make processes transparent throughout.

The Supply Chain Suite from Siemens Digital Logistics makes it possible to get the most out of logistics processes. It brings together different data and information sources. All steps in logistics can be analyzed and simulated using the Digital Twin approach. In this way, evaluations are secured and optimization potentials become tangible, quite real.

Do you manage complex networks across location, country and company boundaries? Would you like to modify your workflows according to your own ideas and analyze your network? Here you will find the software tools you need for planning, optimizing and controlling logistics processes.

Learn more about the possibilities offered by our software portfolio:

Logistics Platform AX4

Supply Chain Suite (SCS)

Siemens Digital Logistics also offers you other proven software products:

XCargo – The calculator for logisticians integrates into your Microsoft Excel® application and supports you with logistical and optimizing functions. This allows you to quickly and efficiently create transport cost calculations, route planning and location optimizations of small to medium complexity.

CARGO – This application guides you workflow-based through the accounting process and provides clear and reliable support for all processes from data import to the generation of accounting documents. CARGO automates freight billing - for credit note procedures and invoice verification.

Logistics Designer – The software package supports you as a shipper from industry, trade or as a logistics service provider with the optimal alignment of your supply chain and logistics. Logistics planning, allocation and controlling are integrated in a powerful tool and ensure integrated strategies and solutions across the entire logistics process chain.

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