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Supply Chain Suite (SCS)

Supply Chain Suite (SCS)

The Supply Chain Suite (SCS) lets you design, monitor, manage, and understand your entire supply chain. The holistic, data-driven view of the supply chain lets you design processes more efficiently and cut costs, leaving you ideally positioned to meet the challenges of next-generation industry.

SCS gives you a state-of-the-art IT platform, so you can harness the power of data to analyze, simulate, and optimize any complex logistical tasks.


SCS brings extended supply chain visibility to your business. It does so by consolidating data from all sources and formats (ERP data, unstructured data), refining it, then expanding it in a flexible, configurable data model.

Easily glean logistical information from distributed, inconsistent data.


The standardized data models in SCS offer powerful simulation and analysis tools to run business and logistical evaluations.

Use key performance indicators to evaluate your entire supply chain.


SCS lets you simulate and optimize the logistical processes in your supply chain. Here you’ll find many areas for tapping into your strategic and tactical potential, and you’ll be able to identify conflicts before they occur.

Model and simulate changes, tap into your potential for optimization.


SCS lends a hand with the operational aspects of warehouse and transport processes—in system-supported calls for tenders and contracts, and in the day-to-day work with warehouse strategies and transport planning. SCS also lets you leverage the operational potential of your supply chain.

Transfer operational improvements from the system directly onto the road.

Use Cases

Tender management

Uniform basis of data

Standardized contract awarding

Identification of savings potential

Automated process support

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Network simulation

New strategies for your network

Cost transparency

Action instead of reaction

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Inbound optimization

Visibility of available and utilized capacity

Detailed digital model of supply chain

Optimization of overall system

 Tactical support during evaluation and implementation


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Procurement & production logistics

Visibility of available and utilized capacity

Detailed digital model of supply chain

Optimization of overall system

Tactical support during evaluation and implementation

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Develop omnichannel concepts

Establish data transparency, anticipate the future

Implement lean logistics

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